Student Research Council

CENT Student Research Council (or CENT-SRC) gives professional leadership experience to CENT students and post docs. The CENT-SRC is responsible for:

1. Communications: The CENT-SRC maintains an email connectivity list of all CENT students and post docs, facilitating rapid communication and information requests to them. The CENT-SRC serves to facilitate the communication of problems upward from the students to the CENT leadership.
2. Leadership Council: The organizational structure includes the nomination of volunteers for a smaller leadership council. This council meets regularly to administer CENT-SRC business.
3. Travel Grant Process: The CENT-SRC oversees the drafting and submission of student or PI initiated travel proposals for students to visit member EFRC laboratories to further a proposal effort. With the oversight and ratification by the Leadership, students execute a process whereby they can prioritize and manage requests on a revolving basis.
4. Organization: during Symposia and other meetings, the CENT-SRC organize integrated or parallel events for the students, including meals, tours, etc.
5. Other tasks: the CENT-SRC solicits student volunteers for PI meetings, video competitions, etc.

Forming this student organization addresses two significant issues important to CENT-EFRC management. The CENT-SRC maintains connectivity between student groups in PI member laboratories. The council also provides students with opportunities for professional development in the form of leadership experience.